About Us

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Who is better to understand the dreams of another woman than a woman herself?
Cymbeline was founded over 30 years ago by three highly creative sisters-Evelyne, Chantal and Monique who decided to revolutionize the bridal industry. This took place in Nemours, France - 60 km from Paris. Their goal was to provide wedding dresses for modern women, which would express her unique sense of style and personality. While ultra feminine and luxurious, Cymbeline dresses also flirt with modernity through avant-garde cuts and elaborate use of the finest fabrics. Their design studio is like a research laboratory, with thousands of swatches of the best fabrics in France and throughout the world, including Calais lace, Thai silk, organza jacquards, embroideries and taffetas.
 Mixing the traditional with modern, the sisters knew how to adapt the traditional methods of “haute couture” into modern designs: new techniques using the latest fabrics allowed for the corset designs to be comfortable and supportive, the computerized pattern cutting systems allowed them to obtain a great precision of lines cut. But nothing replaced the delicacy of an expert hand for the finesse of the dress. Working in the French couture style, they are well known for the fine details that make each dress a distinctive piece of art.
While Cymbeline has grown into an international wonder, the company’s design shop is still located in an old mill, dating back to the 17th century, in Nemours, a small village in the south of France. It is where all the designs are conceived before each collection is presented to the world. Every year Cymbeline invites young talented designers from different countries to make contribution to the collection. The inclusion of these designers in the company ensures fresh ideas are constantly introduced each season. This, along with the sophisticated taste of the three sisters who impose their romantic and modern touch to the brand, attracts brides from all over the world.
Cymbeline is unique, it is a sort of small international family with will and desire to broadcast their know-how (savoir faire). With offices and shops all over the world it is a truly global company. This makes the name CYMBELINE one of the world leaders in the bridal industry today.